Neolith : Warranty


TheSize thanks you for your trust in Neolith

TheSize Surfaces S.L. (TheSize) is the manufacturer of the Neolith Sintered Stone used to produce countertops.

TheSize launched its first Neolith Sintered Stone in 2010 in a Satin finish. Strong and constant R+D efforts led it to presenting three additional finishes in 2014 – Silk, Riverwashed and Polished- with which it has enriched the variety of products, in line with the market trends and needs.

The differences between the finishes can be seen in the textures and reflections on the surface. The Satin finish is completely matte whereas the Silk finish is silkier to touch and features a faint shine. The Riverwashed finish features a texture with relief and is more rugged to touch. Finally, the Polished finish stands out because of its high degree of shine and perfectly linear reflection which accurately replicates the finish expected of the most exquisite natural stones and exclusive marble to provide depth, realism, and sophistication to the designs for which it is used.

With all of the finishes, we offer our customers (who are our most valuable asset) a high-quality product manufactured under environmentally friendly conditions and using manufacturing techniques that foster the reliability and prestige of countertops made with Neolith. And we make out personalized service channels available to them through email so they may tell us of their needs and suggestions to help us with our commitment to ongoing improvement.

The security offered by our quality management and excellent production processes allows us to guarantee the quality of the Neolith surfaces under the conditions described in this warranty

Limited of 25-Year Warranty for residential Neolith countertops sold from 1 March 2019 and 10 years for countertops sold before March 1, 2019.

TheSize guarantees the original end buyer that its Neolith Sintered Stone in the four finishes (Satin, Silk, Riverwashed, Polished) used to manufacture their domestic counter top will be free of manufacturing defects under normal conditions of use and service.

This warranty shall apply to the repair or replacement of the defective Sintered Stone comprising the countertop installed permanently in the owner’s residence.

The repair or replacement obligation undertaken by TheSize will be further limited to the repair or replacement with the colours, styles and finishes available at the time of the repair or replacement. The option of repair or replacement of defective Sintered Stone due to manufacturing defects will be at the exclusive discretion of TheSize.

The Limited 25-Year Warranty for countertops sold from 1 March 2019 and 10 years for countertops sold before March 1, 2019 will not be transferable and will only apply to Neolith Sintered Stone for indoor and outdoor residential counter tops in the Satin, Silk, Riverwashed and Polished finishes. This warranty will not be valid if the counter top was not paid in full.

Pursuant to the terms of this Limited 25-Year Warranty for countertops sold from 1 March 2019 and 10 years for countertops sold before March 1, 2019, authorised TheSize agents shall be granted sufficient opportunity, time and dates to be able to inspect the counter top as well as assess and respond to claims. All decisions relating to the existence of production defects in sintered stone used to produce Neolith countertops shall be adopted by TheSize and will be final and binding for all parties. In particular and unlike the other Neolith finishes – Satin, Silk and Riverwashed, which are known for their extreme resistance to scratches, abrasion and abrasive chemical products- yet just like other surfaces created by man or certain types of natural stone, the Polished (Décor Polished and Nanotech Polished) finish has a more delicate texture that requires greater care and precaution as concerns scratches, chipping and the use of aggressive household cleaning products. Therefore, no rough sponges, steel wool, caustic soda, abrasive cleaners or products with a pH above 11 should be used to clean them. Direct contact with bleach or chlorine must also be avoided as well as directly cutting foods on the counter top and dragging frying pans, kitchen utensils or household appliances without any type of protection on the surface of the countertop.

The use of cloths, napkins and trivets is recommended when placing glass, pots or other kitchen utensils on a surface with the Polished finish. By activating this warranty, you hereby acknowledge that you have been informed of the special characteristics of the Polished finish and of the commitment to follow the maintenance instructions for your countertop found in the Neolith Polished Finish Manual (available at

For Satin, Silk and Riverwashed finishes, by activating this warranty, you hereby undertake to follow the maintenance instructions for your countertop found in the “Cleaning and Maintenance Guide” (available at under the Warranties section).

Exclusions from the Limited 25-Year Warranty for residential Neolith countertops sold from 1 March 2019 and 10 years for countertops sold before March 1, 2019.

  1. Damages caused by abuse or inadequate use of the counter tops which include but are not limited to those caused by improper use or accidents, exposure of the counter top to abnormal physical conditions (strong impacts, for example), chemical agents (such as bleach or chlorine in the case of the Polished finish, and hydrofluoric acid, among others), corrosion, structural movements or natural disasters
  2. Countertops which have been moved from the original site of installation.
  3. . The behavior and appearance of unions or seams, adhesives, putties and/or other accessory materials.
  4. . Damaged caused by household appliances that have been installed, used or maintained improperly.
  5. Imperfections that have been caused by natural wear due to daily use such as stains, scratches, water stains and burns. Using a cutting board to cut, trivets for hot containers with a rubber base to move hot objects directly from a heat source to the counter top as well as following the Neolith care and maintenance instructions ( under the “Warranties” section, “Cleaning and Maintenance” sub-section; and the document “Neolith Polished Finish Manual” in the “Downloads” section for the Polished finish) are highly recommended.
  6. Neolith Sintered Stone are produced with natural materials. As a result, variations in colour, shine, tone and product design are inherent and unique characteristics of Neolith surfaces and not covered by the Limited 25-Year Warranty for Neolith slabs sold from 1 March 2019 and 10 years for countertops sold before March 1, 2019.
  7. Opinions based on personal preferences in the sense of a customer deciding whether or not they like the colour, general appearance or other aesthetic opinions after the product is manufactured or installed.
  8. Supplementary repairs including but not limited to modifications that affect the electrical wiring, flooring, tiling or wall surfaces, splash protectors, furniture or cabinets, transport expenses and modifications to plumbing needed to repair the counter tops made with Neolith Sintered Stone.
  9. The use of Sintered Stone for commercial applications including but not limited to installation in shops, offices and other commercial establishments.
  10. Countertops with a surface finish that was applied at the factory which have been altered in any way.
  11. Defects that were visible at the time of production or installation of the countertops.
  12. The costs of transport, production, assembly and/or dismantling to repair or re-install a countertop.
  13. Additional repairs or modifications required for re-installation (plumbing, electricity, construction work, etc.).
  14. Repairs made without prior verification by TheSize
  15. Particularly for the Polished finish, any stains caused by direct contact with bleach, chlorine or other chemical agents with a pH above

11 or scratches due to use of rough sponges or steel wool to clean the counter top or any other improper use of abrasive products against the cleaning steps specified in the Polished Finish Manual.

The shop and installer will be liable for inspecting the Neolith Sintered Stone before producing or installing the countertops.

When choosing a colour or finish, you must remember that samples are only a general indication of the design, drawing, aesthetics, colour and finish. There is no guarantee that the samples will be an exact replica of the Neolith Sintered Stone and they may vary slightly from the counter top actually installed. The warranty will not cover the replacement of
the counter top if the customer decides after or during installation that they do not like the colour or appearance selected.

No other type of guarantee is granted either expressly or implicitly including the marketability or suitability for a specific purposes. Unless otherwise indicated in this document, TheSize will not in any way assume any contractual or non-contractual liability for any direct, fortuitous or consecutive losses or damages as a result of the use or impossibility to use the counter top. The maximum liability of TheSize may not exceed the actual purchase price you paid for the product.

This warranty grants you specific legal rights and you may also enjoy other rights which may vary depending on the state or country. Some states or countries do not permit the exclusion or limitation of implicit warranties or of fortuitous or consecutive damages and harm meaning the foregoing limitations or exclusions may not be applicable.

TheSize does not grant any other type of guarantee, declaration or warranty (express or implicit) in relation to sintered stone except as established in this document. No one except TheSize has the power or is authorized to grant any type of promise, declaration or guarantee in relation to Neolith products.

How to obtain my Warranty

TheSize offers a 25-Year Warranty for Neolith slabs sold from 1 March 2019 and 10 years for countertops sold before March 1, 2019 with a thickness of 6+3, 12 and 20 mm used to manufacture

TheSize does not guarantee any slabs with a thickness of 3, 3+, 5, 5+, 6, 6+, 3+3, 3+3+3, 5+5, 5+3 and 10 mm.

In order to exercise this warranty, you must contact the retail establishment where you purchased your countertop so they may provide you with the data and information needed to register the warranty (shop data, batch number, etc.).

In order for you to be provided with the services deriving from the warranty, you must have registered the warranty at the website (under the “Warranties” section, “Complete Warranty Form” sub-section) within a maximum period of 60 calendar days from the date of purchase indicated on your receipt.

You will need to complete all of the fields marked with an asterisk (*) and submit a receipt of purchase or other type of acceptable documental proof of purchase clearing indicating the date of purchase. For any questions with respect to this, you may contact TheSize through the website, under the “Contact” section.